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Place the site on the Internet

Help with domain registration and hosting. Accommodation website!

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In the process of cooperation, all the work You can track online"

I work without prepayment!

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60 minutes and you're done!

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A copy of the landing page

  • Setting the arrival of the letters in the mail
  • Site copy
  • Small fixes to the text
  • Site audit

Copy + significant changes

  • Setting up the arrival of letters in the mail
  • Site copy
  • Changes in the images and the location of the blocks
  • Text change
  • Adding interactive elements

New site

  • Design rendering
  • Cabinet access to site, hosting
  • Adaptive layout
  • The installation of the counter

Why do people make copies of websites?

Need to test a niche in business

After an hour, you can start selling your product or service. No need to spend a lot of time and money to create a website. We will do it within 1 hour and for only $ 15!

Successful website structure

The structures of ready-made landing pages have already been tested and thought out, they will definitely work. Why invent it again?

There are many specialists in the network

Effective websites are often created by professionals who have an advantage. They know the principles of Economics and marketing.

Examples of those who used copying in business and got the result:

VK и Facebook

These portals were very similar in structure and design until Facebook changed the design

Samsung - Apple

Samsung's first galaxy smartphone turned out to be surprisingly similar to the iPhone.

Who am I?

Max Vlasoff

I worked for a long time in the field of creating websites in Moscow. I have helped many companies in Russia to stand on their feet. I can help ! I like to discover new things and broaden my horizons in business. It is especially interesting to work with other countries and travel. This greatly expands the horizons of consciousness. I will be glad to cooperate! Write!


Я позвоню Вам через 10 секунд!

Я позвоню Вам через 10 секунд!

Я позвоню Вам через 10 секунд!

I will contact you as soon as possible

Я позвоню Вам через 10 секунд!